Introducing Seedcamp London 7th August Finalists

The sun has finally made an appearance just in time for the Olympics, which kicked off fabulously last week. We’re keeping the excitement going with Seedcamp London taking place on the 7th August.

London being home to our most prestigious network, birthplace of Seedcamp as well as a powerful tech hub resulted in the highest number of applications we’ve ever received. Quality was at an all time high so it was no easy quest filtering the talent down to the final selected teams.

Please meet the 2012 London teams, check out their brilliant products and services:

  •, London, UK – is a platform that allows musicians to create music together.
  • BRANDiD, London, UK – is a clothing subscription service that learns what you like: built for men, not fashionistas
  • Fresh Trader, London, UK – is an online procurement service for wholesale qualities of fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Grab, London, UK – allows you to order drinks on your phone and not wait at the bar
  • Handle My Health, Cambridge, UK – is a multi-faceted health tech company, developing patient centric solutions
  • Instant Feedback, Bratislava, Slovakia – is a web application that allows speakers or organizers to get Instant Feedback from their audience
  • Love Electronics, Manchester, UK – produces accessible open source electronics for education, hobbyists and industrial applications
  • Medopad, London, UK – has made it truly simple for doctors to access patient data via mobile devices
  • Meevl, Bratislava, Slovakia – helps organizations increase their brand awareness through their members using interesting challenges and rewards
  • Opuss, London, UK – makes writing social: an Instagram for words
  • Rawstream, Malta – boosts employee productivity and secure your network against internet malware, with ROI measured in days
  • shopConnect, Manchester, UK – tracks and monetizes the customer purchase drivers and purchase barriers across all retailing channels
  •, Donegal, Ireland – makes it easier for home cooks to provide healthy meals for their families
  • Solid Sound, Berlin, Germany – provides optimal sound quality on portable music players by a piece of SW
  • Stylemarks, Berlin, Germany – is a mobile marketplace to easily sell, discover and buy design products
  • Talentag, Tallinn, Estonia –  makes sure each team member knows what others are doing, without creating an email overload
  • TAPP Networks Private Limited, London, UK – is a smarter, private way to exchange and manage your contact information
  • TRData Limited, Kiev, Ukraine – sells professional financial platforms for getting, collecting and analyzing data from difficult financial markets
  • WeLikeShopping, London, UK – is an online guide for those who love shopping in real stores
  • WeOrder, Mantova, Italy – allows people to order food inside restaurants/pubs/clubs directly from their smartphones

Saul Klein will be hosting the masterclass along with Chris Riley. They will share their knowledge on the importance of storytelling, giving advices on how to engage the audience via narratives and how startups can use various techniques for marketing but many more purposes. This is a masterclass not to be missed as they are given by two superstars; indeed: over the past decades, Chris took the Nike brand global, spent time launching Windows 95, was part of the core marketing team at Apple reporting to Steve Jobs and is now working on emerging brands like Twitter and Foursquare as well as advising brands from emerging markets like Uniqlo and Samsung.

Once again our gratitude goes out to Google for their endless support in hosting us at Campus, where the Seedcamp team is based as well as well as some of our portfolio companies. We are also fortunate and extremely grateful to have 10gen, SoftLayer, and Yammer as our event sponsors for Seedcamp London. Finally, we would like to thank our yearly sponsors Bizspark, Qualcomm and Paypal for their ongoing support.

If you’re a startup and you missed out on Seedcamp London, applications will open very soon for Seedcamp Budapest. Stay tuned for more information!

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