Introducing Seedcamp V

Our continued dedication to be in your corner from the moment we sign that first cheque

The dream-team bringing Seedcamp Fund V to life

Seedcamp Fund V is here. Yes, another VC fund launching another fund. We’re not going for gimmicks or saying we’re reinventing the wheel. We actually think the way we do things works pretty well. So, we’re standing by it and continuing to do more of the same – with some added firepower – as we launch Fund V, by far our biggest and most ambitious fund to date.  

Seedcamp started out in 2007, we’re sure by now most of you know the backstory. A tiny ‘micro-fund’ coming out of those unknown European gates with 2.5MEuros in cash from a handful of trusting investors; limitless ambition and a belief that European entrepreneurs could, and should, have the chance to compete on a global scale. That same ambition and drive powers us today as we announce Seedcamp Fund V at £78M 13 years on. Perhaps the number 13 isn’t so unlucky after all! 

Like many, we’ve had more than our fair share of issues when it comes to fundraising: economic recessions, Brexit, global pandemics – you name it, we’ve been through it. That’s why Fund V, more than 50% oversubscribed and raised in the midst of COVID-19, feels all the more special. It’s the first time we feel we genuinely haven’t had to fight tooth and nail to explain to investors why, by now, we know what we’re doing. Thankfully, the results from over a decade of work and over 1000 entrepreneurs we’ve supported can speak for themselves 

Whether it’s believing early in a couple of guys from Estonian who stood on stage at Seedcamp Week in 2011 and set a £50 note on fire and went onto build a little known company you may have heard of, called TransferWise. Or that Romanian founder who many investors turned away because they failed to understand him or the market he was helping create but where we saw heaps of potential and now leads Europe’s first-cloud based decacorn, UiPath. Or the Irish duo behind Pointy who wanted to help independent retailers get online and in 2020 had their ambition fully validated in an acquisition by Google. 

Seedcamp Fund V Fundraising Deck

We pride ourselves on being that first fund of choice for the people who are truly building the breakout businesses of tomorrow. Whether that’s Johnny Boufarhat, founder of Hopin – a platform many of you have likely spent A LOT of time on over the past 8+ months and who, yesterday, became our fourth unicorn – or Emi Gal, a second-time Seedcamp founder now building pioneering technology for early-cancer technology with Ezra. 

What’s all the more special is these exceptional founders have put their trust back in us and the continued success of Seedcamp by investing in our new fund and our future founders. We couldn’t be more thrilled to have 80 members of the Seedcamp Nation joining us as investors in Fund V. 

Alongside our founders, we’re proud to have the support of 100 of the world’s most impactful institutions, venture capitalists and angel investors. These include Legal & General, British Patient Capital, TIFF, making Seedcamp their first European VC investment, LGT, Vintage IP, Isomer Capital and Rabobank. We’re rejoined by leading Venture Capital funds such as Index, Atomico, Underscore, Draper Esprit and Venrex and are delighted to welcome new investors, Sequoia, and Northzone – co-investors in breakout company, Hopin. Along with a number of Seedcamp founders and angel investors: Taavet Hinrikus (TransferWise), Daniel Dines (UiPath), Jeppe Rindom (Pleo), David Helgason (Nordic Makers/Unity) and Shakil Khan (Spotify)

Seedcamp is the sum of its people – we don’t call it the Seedcamp Nation for nothing. Now with well over 1,000 founders who’ve raised over $4bn in follow-on capital from all corners of the globe,  the power of this micro-community is growing into a macro one. 

To everyone who’s put their faith in us over the past 13 years and looking ahead for what’s to come, we thank you deeply. Now, let’s get to work!

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