Investor Day

Investor Day during the Seedcamp 3 months is one of the two major milestones 11 weeks post Seedcamp Week for the teams to show how they have progressed on the relationships and company development that was accelerated during Seedcamp Week. Just like Demo Day, we were positively impressed by how the teams are maturing, developing their products, and moving confidently in the face of the obvious challenging times ahead.

The day brings together the Seedcamp companies and investors together for update, debate, and feedback.

Some key updates were:

  • Companies have a very good handle of the economic realities and have adjusted extremely quickly. Burn rates are conservative (it’s amazing what can be done in as little as €5000 a month) while ensuring the company can keep growing strongly
  • Revenue and break-even were a strong focus. What would have taken teams 12-15 months to plan towards, these teams have driven hard over the past 3 months to reach. One of the teams is already earning Revenue
  • Growth strategies – many were focused on localisation, this echoes Robin Klein’s thoughts that an “advantage Europe and London in particular has is its awareness and readiness to internationalise and localise”

Here is a quick summary of what the teams presented.

uberVU have made great progress developing their product which maps the conversational web. It targets the gap in information between Google Alerts and media monitors. They have excited power bloggers, PR professionals, and the Thomson Reuters film crew who have been following them around

Basekit’s demo has the power to knock socks off. A simple web creator with massive potential as it creates dynamic sites or “mashups”. All calls were for launch, launch, launch! Private beta will go up January so sign up at

Kyko is still in stealth mode but credit must be given for achieving the most on the least amount of money (and Aly isn’t a hacker). Watch this space for a beta launch in January as well

Soup helps you express yourself. Their Tumblogging platform has a strong following across Europe and pays special attention to user design. They are up and running so create your own and you’ll probably be as addicted as us. Launching in Polish very soon and other languages after.

Stupeflix have invested in the technology to make their web based professional video product the best on the market for their target consumers. The product is showing strong early interest as they have their first customer

Toksta’s social chat plug-in is a great solution for social networks and other such sites looking for time-saving easy as copy and paste implementation. In their pitch they provide a clear differentiator from competitors. Look out for some major announcements in January

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