ITCH launches with £5M to disrupt pet wellbeing market

We’re delighted to welcome seasoned entrepreneurs and D2C heavyweights James Cox [co-founder Simba], pet supplies retailers Jonny and Adam Gould [co-founders Monster Pet Supplies] and Charlotte Harper [former CMO of Zoopla and UK MD] to the Seedcamp Nation with their new business, ITCH, out to disrupt the pet well-being market. Founders: L to R Jonny Gould, Adam Gould, Charlotte Harper and James Cox

Launching initially with a flea care subscription service, ITCH has been developed in collaboration with world-class veterinary experts, in response to the increasing demand for better, personalised pet care. ITCH’s tailored monthly flea subscription service makes preventing infestation and treating pets much quicker, cheaper and more convenient for busy owners than buying over the counter.

On the investment, our Managing Partner, Carlos Espinal, comments: “ITCH has assembled an absolutely stellar team and we are excited to back their vision to help simplify pet care. Pets are such a huge part of many people’s lives and ITCH has the perfect solution to satisfy the growing demand for better, personalised care with its subscription-based wellbeing pet brand.”

With further funding planned for later this year, ITCH has big plans to innovate across other sectors in the pet care market with innovative and personalised skin, joint and dental products all in the works. With research by Mintel showing that the UK pet care market is set to reach £2.1billion by 2023 and the UK’s flea market estimated to be worth £370m by 2021, ITCH is in the perfect position to take a sizeable bite out of the market.

Co-founder and CEO, Jonny Gould, comments: “We have over a decade of experience in the pet industry, and are always looking at ways we can improve the lives of pets, and their owners.  In the coming months, we’ll be launching the ITCH Care platform which will harness the power of data to connect pet owners to our network of world-class content, both curated and user-generated.  This will provide pet owners with access to the answers they need to the wide range of wellbeing questions which can arise on a daily basis”. 

“ITCH’s AI powered platform has been built to simplify this process, providing pet owners globally, access to easy-to-digest content at the tip of their fingers.

“We code from the ground up, making it possible to react to any therapeutic requirement, tailor advice and integrate with third party tools to further enhance the experience. We’re not replacing vets, quite the opposite, we work with them, with the aim of separating the therapeutic care market from the critical care market”.

From July 2019, busy pet owners will never need worry about forgetting to flea again. They will receive tailored flea treatment kits for their pets, through their letterbox at a fraction of the cost of over the counter treatment.  Via the ITCH app, pet owners will be sent a reminder when it’s time to administer treatment. The right dose, at the right time, delivered direct to their door.

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