Launch48 – one to keep an eye on

I just met with Adil the other day and realized boy I gotta keep more on top of the great entrepreneur events happening in London. Between the Facebook Garage on the 11th, Open Coffee which was great to be at today, there are a lot of high intensity events on in London. Even in some tought times, folks are finding creative ways to keep powering ahead.

One event coming up this weekend is run by Adil, a former SeedCamper from EnTrip, called Launch48 in which many SeedCamp mentors are participating too. Folks like Rachel Bremer of SparkPR, Simone Brunozzi of Amazon, Pascal Finette of Mozilla, David Lundblad of the very cool We are Swede, Chris Morton of Balderton, and Jerome Touze of of WAYN, Bindi Karia of Microsoft, and George Hadjigeorgiou until recently at Yahoo.

In a nutshell, the aim is to bring together a bunch of people from different backgrounds but associated with web technologies to plan, build and launch a web app/apps in one weekend – 48 hours.

More than a 100 participants are scheduled to attend the event and the mentors will talk/interact/advise the various teams and share their industry knowledge and insight.

I’m keen to watch the progress over time b/c I believe they are going to follow up with an event in March. I’ve mentioned to Adil that it’d be great if one of these projects develops into a team/company and becomes a part of Seedcamp. I’ll be watching this space closely.

More details can be found at Launch48

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