Light secures $13M scale the first AI-powered general ledger for automating global company finances

Legacy ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems developed in the ‘80s and ‘90s fail to meet the expectations of today’s modern, global-first companies and are ripe for technological innovation. Software solutions focused on the general ledger — a company’s source of truth for financial transactions – are among the essentials in the CFO tech stack.

This is why we are excited to back Light, the first AI-powered general ledger for automating global company finances. Founded by Jonathan Sanders and Filip Kozjak, Light’s mission is to revolutionize ERP software for modern multinationals.

We partnered up with Light as part of their pre-seed and we’re really excited to see them come out of stealth and announce their seed round led by Atomico, in which we also participated. 

The Copenhagen-based AI-driven platform unifies accounting, tax, payments, and reporting across entities, countries, and currencies, drastically reducing month-end closing times and enhancing accuracy. Companies can integrate Light with their CRM and HRM tools, their banks, and even their communication channels (e.g. Microsoft Teams and Slack).

Jonathan Sanders, Light’s co-founder and CEO emphasises:

 “Having both worked at and founded scaling companies, I am acutely familiar with how poor legacy accounting systems are, and how much that can impact your business. They’re expensive, very slow, and require too many add-ons to be useful on a standalone basis. With Light, our goal is to help companies understand their finances more accurately and quickly by integrating a ledger with a strong application layer, helping them achieve faster growth, stronger operations, and greater resilience.”

Light’s product has been developed in close collaboration with advisors who consist of former product leaders, chief architects and CXOs from Workday, SAP, Oracle and Microsoft Dynamics. 

On why we partnered up with Light, our Partner Tom Wilson comments: 

“Jonathan is a perfect founder to be building Light, he brings a huge amount of experience from his time working at Seedcamp Unicorn Pleo and founding VC-backed Juni. He fully appreciates the current market that Light is competing against and the scale of the opportunity to disrupt the legacy players. We love working with Jonathan and the Light team and look forward to seeing what they can achieve with this funding round which we’re delighted to follow-on in.”   

We are excited to participate in Light’s $13M financing round led by Atomico, alongside Entrée Capital, Cherry Ventures, and notable angels including Mario Götze.

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