Making Writing Flow Right and Fast — Our Investment in Flowrite

Co-Founders Aaro Isosaari (CEO) and Karolus Sariola (CTO) met at Kiuas, a Finnish accelerator program, before joining forces to build Flowrite.

Is it more professional to start this message with ‘Hope you’re well!’ or ‘Hope you had a good weekend!’? How many exclamation points should one put in a message anyway? Will people understand this run-on sentence

If you are anything like us at Seedcamp, you likely spend too much time writing emails, messages and posts. And even if you take the extra minute to refine and craft a message, it still might not flow right. That is, until you try Flowrite (pun wholly intended). Built by the Finnish duo Aaro Isosaari and Karolus Sariola, the AI-driven writing productivity tool turns words into ready-to-send emails, messages, posts and more. 

We are thrilled to back Aaro and Karolus alongside Lifeline Ventures and a handful of Angels in redefining the way we write on the web.

The Flowrite founders initially met at Kiuas, an accelerator program Aaro was running and Karolus was participating in at the time. Their shared excitement for startups, productivity and AI led to a series of late-night whiteboard sessions, which eventually laid the foundation for Flowrite.

Flowrite utilizes GPT-3, OpenAI’s language generation engine, as the backbone of their product. “Existing writing tools tend to focus on only small parts of the whole writing experience like spelling and sentence completions,” Aaro explains. “Flowrite enables an unforeseen shift in how short-form content is produced, allowing users to convert words into ready-to-send texts without having to think about structure, articulation, and grammar”.

“The progress [Flowrite] has made in only a couple of months is hugely impressive.”

— Tom Wilson, Seedcamp Partner

Since releasing their demo back in October of this year, thousands have joined the waitlist. Hundreds more have written on Flowrite’s Wall of Love, keen to be the first to try the product once it is released to first users in December, 2020. 

Flowrite is using the €550,000 pre-seed funding to further develop its product and recruit team members.

“For a startup like Flowrite that is building a global product and distribution from day one, having a truly international fund like Seedcamp on board is an invaluable asset,” Aaro says. 

We are thrilled to support the Flowrite team and have them as one of our first investments from  Fund V. 

”We’re delighted to be backing Aaro, Karolus and their big vision for Flowrite,” Tom Wilson, one of our Seedcamp Partners, states. “The progress they’ve made in only a couple of months is hugely impressive along with the demand to get on the eagerly anticipated waitlist to experience the product first-hand.”

If you want to see what their building, sign up for the waitlist (Seedcamp already has), or apply to join the team, visit

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