Meet CupClub, the startup out to tackle the global plastics epidemic

We are delighted to announce our investment in CupClub, a returnable packaging service for drinks, managed through cloud-based IoT software, as part of their $460k pre-seed round as they set out to eliminate single-use packaging.

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Over 14 million disposable coffee cups are used every day in the UK, with just 1% being recycled. CupClub is the world’s first returnable packaging service for drinks that utilizes RFID technology and cloud-based IoT software to provide complete supply chain traceability to brands and retailers, making drinking coffee on-the-go more sustainable.

CupClub founder, Safia Qureshi, comments: “Our mission is to eliminate single-use packaging to enable brands and retailers to empower their customers to experience takeaway without the throwaway. We are building one of the world’s first returnable packaging systems that is optimised using IoT technology, enabling us to distribute, collect and wash packaging designed for multi-use” says Safia Qureshi, Founder & CEO of CupClub. “This funding will help us develop our product and service for brands and retailers and allow consumers to enjoy their everyday on-the-go lifestyle without the landfill. We’re building the future we want to see: one that eliminates plastic waste and reduces our carbon footprint.”

Tech comes in many forms, and one area that’s becoming increasingly critical for us all is eco-tech. Single-use plastic waste and plastic pollution is a key contributing factor to climate change and disposable coffee cups, typically lined with plastic to prevent leakage, are a significant contributor to this global problem. We’re excited to invest in Safia and the brilliant team at CupClub who are attacking this problem head-on with the world’s first network for sharing drinking cups across organisations. We look forward to supporting the team on their journey as they make a dent in this global problem and help large companies move employees away from single-use plastics.

Join the reusable revolution and find out how CupClub can support your organisation right here.

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