Meet the Seedcamp Teams on the October US Trip!

Twice a year, the Seedcamp team brings the best startups looking to expand into the US and heads out on tour.

Over two weeks we head to New York, Boston, San Francisco and Silicon Valley, to meet with leading investors, successful founders, and key ecosystem players, so our own startups get the very best exposure and insight into what it takes to expand to America. We wanted to give you all a look at the teams on our US Trip, which officially started on Monday in New York!

Joining them on the East Coast are Seedcamp partners Carlos Espinal and Reshma Sohoni, alongside Dave Haynes and Sia Houchangnia from the Seedcamp investment team. After a few days in New York the Seedcamp crew headed to Boston, and they will continue on in San Francisco from October 17th, where Reshma and Sia are due to be joined by Tom Wilson.

Want to connect with us on the trip? Get in touch here.

Joining us on the US Trip we have teams from Sweden, Germany, Austria, Spain, and the UK. Take a look at them all below!


Cardlife (London) – Subscription management platform giving businesses control of their online SaaS in one.

Findify (Stockholm) – Intelligent search solution for e-commerce using data science and machine learning to increase revenue by 20%.

Gamewheel (Berlin) – Advertising platform that makes it fast and simple for brands to gamify their mobile marketing.

reinfer (London) – API powered by artificial intelligence that provides structured, human-like meaning of unstructured data.

Splittable (London) – Household management platform for millennial householders.

Thingthing (Barcelona) – AI-powered keyboard acting as a transversal UI across any app.

Yodel (Vienna) – Intelligent business phone solution that integrates with teams and workflows via Slack, HipChat, and more.


Applications for pre-seed investment from Seedcamp are open until 13th November. Apply to join the first round fund, here.

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