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We’re nearly halfway through 2014 with many miles and events covered so far. We’ve weathered winter and the better part of spring with events in 7 cities for Mini Seedcamps and Office Hours, meeting with over 80 new startups, making our first of two trips to the US to touch base with our US network and investing in 8 new teams following Seedcamp Week London in January.

But spring is not over yet, and the season would not be complete without hopping on the short flight across to one of Germany’s biggest startup hubs: Berlin. It’s time for our first Seedcamp Week Berlin of 2014. This week, 22 selected startups will meet with over 100 of our top tier mentors. This is also where we decide who the next members are to join the Seedcamp Family.

We kicked off the week on Monday with SeedPrep, hosted at Microsoft Ventures, a home base not for only the Seedcamp team while we’re in Berlin, but also any of the startups in the Seedcamp Family that are based in the capital. With views of the Berlin TV tower and the Berliner Dom from Microsoft Venture’s co-working space as a backdrop, we spent the SeedPrep afternoon with these 22 teams readying them for the epic mentoring day that lay ahead.

And today is the day. We look forward to welcoming many of our longstanding top tier mentors for Seedcamp Week Berlin. The startups will meet with over 100 mentors – product gurus, investors, serial entrepreneurs and marketing experts. Flying in from all over Europe, these mentors will join forces for the benefit of propelling some of Europe’s top entrepreneurial talent. The benefits of meeting this incredible network of movers and shakers will long outlast the single day of discussions by starting the foundations of fruitful, longstanding relationships. It’s at events like this that the startups meet future mentors of their team, advisors to the company, potential investors and users. It’s a thrilling experience to bring these parties together and watch the results.

We’re proud to have selected the following startups, originating from 14 different countries and disrupting many different sectors. The quality of applications we received was second to none so check out these fantastic finalists:

Team Summary

  1. BridgeU, London, UK –  helps globally mobile student get into the best universities for them!
  2. Concept Inbox, Madrid, Spain – The simple way for designers, teams and clients to collaborate. Realtime visual feedback and prototyping
  3. DASHIFY, Berlin, Germany –  is a KPI-Dashboard for aggregating and visualising online data.
  4. Datality, Warsaw, Poland – We power businesses with online retail market data and analysis.
  5. Dealstocker, Maribor, Slovenia – we group buyers to get their desired products cheaper and help sellers sell more.
  6. DoxOut, Skopje, Macedonia – Collaborate on Word documents with external teams without the headache.
  7. FabAllThings, Dublin, Ireland –  is an interactive design brand for cool, new customizable products.
  8. farmhopping, Sofia, Bulgaria –  we are building for sustainable farms with the feature of group buying.
  9. GameScale, Russia, Moscow – Cloud platform for online games
  10. Gaming Live, Warsaw, Poland – Live-streaming platform for the video game industry and eSports.
  11. Kanisi, Belfast, Northern Ireland – Create your own music videos in the browser – quickly, easily and inexpensively
  12. MaxTraffic, Riga, Latvia – is a service that affects website visitor behavior in order to increase conversions
  13. onbelle, Cologne, Germany –  offers Europe’s first accessoires and fashion flatrate.
  14. Oradian, Zagreb, Croatia – Financial inclusion ecosystem delivering disruptive solutions to radically improve financial services in frontier markets.
  15. Picreel, Toronto, Canada – is a marketing solution that helps get profit from bounce traffic
  16. Real Life Analytics, London UK – Making Billboards Smarter!
  17. Reedsy, Nottingham, UK –  Changing the Way Authors Self-Publish
  18. SmartNotify, Paris & Boulder – Simple and effective communications. SmartNotify delivers  messages at the right time via the right channel
  19. Undred, London, UK –  Mobile-to-mobile payment solution that gives the power back to its affiliated merchants
  20. Trakker Solutions, London, UK – Price Trakker provides retailers with a competitor price monitoring service.
  21. Viur, Coimbra, Portugal – is a SaaS Data Visualisation Solution that combines all your data in one place
  22. Zen Assets, London, UK – easy to use online wealth-management platform that cuts 75% of investing costs

A huge thank you goes out to Microsoft Ventures Berlin for hosting us during the first half of this week and our investors BDMI for supporting and hosting the key mentoring day.  We’re also grateful to The Factory for inviting us to finish the weeks event with a BBQ at their place and for Facebook for picking up the burgers.

Make sure to stay tuned on (hastag) Seedcamp for the latest updates.

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