Metaview’s new product helps you (and us) hire top talent

Hiring the right candidate can seem like a herculean endeavor. You glance over hundreds of applications, interview a handful of individuals, and then are expected to choose the ideal fit. Given the speed and complexity of this process, particularly at the interview stage, it is no wonder that hiring frequently suffers from bias and bad decision-making. 

Siadhal Magos and Shahriar Tajbakhsh recognized this problem first-hand. While making hiring decisions at Uber and Palantir, respectively, they observed that interviews are the most outcome-defining step in the recruitment process. Yet, they are subject to bias, especially when the employer has not been trained to lead rigorous interviews.

Siadhal Magos (CEO) and Shahriar Tajbakhsh (CTO) joined forces to solve the issues they saw whilst hiring talent at tech giants Uber and Palantir

With this in mind, Siadhal and Shahriar founded Metaview, an Interview Intelligence Platform.

“Interviews are vital when building an exceptional team,” co-founder Siadhal Magos comments. “Being an effective interviewer is a highly-valued skill. But there is so little data available to leaders about these crucial moments.”

Having backed the team in 2019 alongside Fly Ventures and Village Global, we are delighted to see the launch of Metaview’s new product, Interview Metrics. By recording and automatically analysing interviews, the software helps employers access data on the consistency and rigor of their hiring process. Using this unique data, Metaview is able to identify interviews that are inconsistent and lacking rigor, which leave the process overly exposed to bad or biased decisions.

“With this new product, Talent leaders can finally start to understand what is happening in the thousands of hours of interviews taking place in their organization,” Siadhal explains. “Once issues with consistency or rigour have been identified, Metaview automatically starts providing personalized feedback to interviewers to help them get back on track.”

Since our investment, Metaview has recorded, transcribed, and analyzed tens of thousands of hours of interviews. Their current customers include Bulb, AngelList, Careem, Wave, and Stedi.

“The talented team at Metaview using AI to improve interviewing effectiveness is in the sweet spot,” our Venture Partner Stephen Allott explains. “Great people solving valuable problems using leading edge technology and striking the subtle balance between what the human does and what the machine does.”

We are excited about Metaview’s potential to transform hiring from both the applicant’s and employee’s perspective, making interviewing more fair and effective. If you would like to learn more about Interview Metrics and how it works within the Metaview platform, visit

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