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The Hemony carillon of the Zuiderkerk in Amsterdam was installed in 1656 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We’re setting quite a few ‘firsts’ this year and it’s still only April! On the 24th of April we’re heading to The Netherlands for our inaugural Mini Seedcamp Amsterdam. The Netherlands has been on our ‘must visit’ list for a number of years now so we’re excited to have finally set a date.

As the event is proceeding TNW Conference commencing 25th April, lots will be happening in the ‘Dam. All the great people drawn to the conference will hopefully be able to join us for the half day event and meet some of the most promising startups from the region.

Our local champions encouraging us to take the short hop across the channel have opened all doors to ensure we’re well taken care of. Our event partners are HenQ, the Seedcamp investor from Amsterdam, and SoftLayer, who has been a strong supporter of Seedcamp since they expanded to Europe. Our longstanding mentors from YA! and ACE have also proven invaluable in helping us get set up.

The event is taking place at the beautiful Zuiderkerk and we’ll be joined by various members of the bustling Dutch ecosystem, our friends from Microsoft BizSpark and many more Seedcamp friends who’ll be in town that week.

This year we’ve introduced multiple ways to join the Seedcamp Family and applying to local events is a great way to get shortlisted to attend one of the four funding events per year, the Seedcamp Weeks in Berlin and London. Next up is Seedcamp Week Berlin in May (startups can apply directly to Seedcamp Week events, or get shortlisted through participation in Mini Seedcamps).

If you’re a startup keen to join us in Amsterdam on the 24th of April, make sure to complete the short application form via AngelList. The deadline is the 15th of April.

If you’d like to join us as an attendee on the day please sign up here via Eventbrite.

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