Mini Seedcamp Berlin 2011 – adding two new members to the family

It’s always a great feeling to prepare, run, and successfully finish a Mini Seedcamp. Especially this time – Mini Seedcamp Berlin exceeded all our expectations and turned out to be one of our best one-day events to date.
We have already mentioned the record number of applications we received for the event and the great interest from our mentoring community to attend and mentor. But we have to emphasize it again; the quality of the pitching companies was impressive and the positive tension in the room during their presentations was incredible. We would like to thank all of the 20 companies again: You made the day a special experience and it would not have been possible without your incredible desire to innovate, take risks, and go for the home run. You are all amazing.

The SoundCloud Panel

After the companies’ presentations, we all enjoyed an intense one hour panel on Berlin’s current hit start-up Soundcloud. Panelists included a few of the most important players in one of Europe’s biggest success stories:

The panel revealed many insights about Soundcloud’s early days of fund-raising when not many of us knew they even existed. Alexander told his side of the SoundCloud story; moving from Stockholm to a back-then totally new city – Berlin, and pitching at every possible conference wearing the now infamous SoundCloud jacket. Christophe then explained how he got into the company and why he decided to back the young SoundCloud team and lastly, Doughty Hanson‘s Sitar and Stefan explained their side of the plate when they literally saved the company with the Series A back in 2009. The panel could have gone on for hours, but our schedule was tight and the teams had to get ready for the mentoring sessions with 90+ Europe’s best tech mentors.

Seedcamp Berlin Winners

The most interesting outcome of our days in Berlin is definitely the announcement of 2 more companies embarking on a journey with Seedcamp and joining our existing 38 portfolio companies.

Joining our Seedcamp family will be the newest Seedcamp Winners:

Mopapp – from Bologna, Italy – Analytics tool for developers and publishers to track and analyze their mobile apps’ revenues from all major online stores (Apple App Store, Google Android Market, GetJar, RIM App World, Appia, MobiHand, WM7 …) and major mobile Ad networks.

The Efficient Cloud – from Vienna, Austria – Cost-effective Platform-as-a-service technology for hosting providers. Integration with Ruby on Rails, Java, Django, .NET and PHP.

Again, we are more than thankful to the 20 companies, 90+ mentors, our hosts at Betahaus and the event sponsors DuMont Ventures, High-Tech Grunderfonds and Orrick.

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