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Just over three weeks left until we return to the vibrant city of Ljubljana and we can’t wait! Everything seems to be in place for a cracking Mini Seedcamp event; tons of talent and interest from the startup community – quite literally across the globe. Applications have been coming in thick and fast from Croatia to Brazil, Kazakhstan to the US. Once again we’re looking forward to congregating international superstar startups with some simply great mentors.

Teams can expect to meet, mingle, connect, and bounce ideas off some of the most interesting people in tech today, including:

Fred Destin, Atlas Ventures Maximilian Madile, Google Paula Marttila Tom Fleming, Venrex François Tison, 360 Capital Partners Branko Milutinovic, Nordeus Michael Rolph, Anthemis Ales Spetic, Zemanta Kate Leto, Moo Luka Abrus, Five Minutes

In addition to Mentoring, Fred Destin will also give a Masterclass on bringing early stage companies to the next level – he will share his experience from his various investments and talk about how companies can hit the gas pedal to internationalize, grow fast, and hit it big.


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