Mini Seedcamp Prague, October 20, 2011

With Seedcamp Week around the corner, it is with great excitement that we open applications for Mini Seedcamp Prague today. We will find the first companies for the Seedcamp class of 2012 in October.

As always, we will have awesome Europe’s internet technology mentors invited, mentoring the participating 20 startups, giving their feedback to improve chances of success, and networking like crazy. Applications are open – go here and apply to let us know about your company and team. The deadline is 28 September, and as we’ve seen time and again – it’s a good idea to finish your application early, so you don’t have to rush it on the last day (or even through the night).

Prague is in a great location to attract founders from all over Central and Eastern Europe and beyond. If you are working on a company or cool product in Poland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Russia, the Baltics, you are in the right place. Judging by the quality of applications for Seedcamp London in July (and Ljubljana in June), the Balkan states will also supply a large part of applicants, as will France and the UK, as we’ve come to expect. After all, it’s just a short flight away, and the mentors will be from all over Europe.

We’re partnering with Startupyard and TechSquare, and Seedcamp Prague will be sponsored by Credo Ventures, White & Case and Google.

Why should you apply?

This will be our second visit to Prague and if it follows the trend of our other 2011 Mini Seedcamps the quality of teams and mentors simply gets better and better with each visit.  Then of course there is the fact of the Seedcamp Investment, year-long support, and access to the founders’ pack of offers from our Seedcamp Founders Sponsors.

Find out more about our process on our new website, read up on how to prepare a kick ass application, and make sure to apply on time for Seedcamp Prague – Deadline is 28th September

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