Mini Seedcamp Vienna at Pioneers Festival

We are happy to announce that on the 30th October we not only hosting our first ever Mini Seedcamp Vienna but it’s also taking place main stage at Pioneers Festival.

This is a unique opportunity for 10 selected startups to present their companies in front of an huge crowd made up of serial entrepreneurs, product/bizdev experts, VC’s, angels and startups.

The aim here is to accelerate local startup businesses through mind-blowing talks, a bunch of networking and immediate feedback. You only have to apply here to be part of a great event and take this unique opportunity to get big exposure for your startup. Deadline for applications is midnight 14th of October. The only question now is – are you ready to get roasted and take the challenge of presenting on the big stage? At Mini Seedcamp Vienna we’ll be joined by Dave McClure, founder of 500Startups who’ll be moderating the session together with Philipp Moehring.

As always at Seedcamp, we’re on the lookout for hugely ambitious founders who think BIG and whose aim is to disrupt the status quo with their cutting edge technologies and business ideas.

Local winners will have the opportunity to participate in Seedcamp Week Berlin taking place in November. Here you will spend 4 days in Berlin with the Seedcamp Team and meet over 150 of our mentors. At Seedcamp Week Berlin the next members to join the Seedcamp Family will be decided. From our side, Philipp will be in town to answer all the questions you have about Seedcamp, our process, and how to get involved.

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