New Teams Joining our Seedcamp Family: 100+ Strong

Seedcamp weeks are always a crucial time for Seedcamp: besides uniting Europe’s most important entrepreneurs, investors, and tech community, it’s also when we traditionally invest in a new batch of Seedcamp companies. Additionally, this year we’ve gone from just one to now four Seedcamp Weeks per year (2 each in Berlin and London).

Last Monday, we announced a treasure trove of data and stats on how the past Seedcamp companies are performing and doing building great businesses all over Europe and the world. We are proud to publish this data, and appreciative of the incredible feedback we received from the community on the transparency and the level of success achieved.

Throughout the rest of last week, we presented more than 20 new companies to the wider tech community and gave the startups the chance to meet some of the best and most engaged mentors in our network. They also had the chance to listen to exciting keynote presentations and talks from people who’ve been there: on Wednesday with Founders’ Day, Jan Reichelt of Mendeley shared his own founder story and background on how he and his cofounders built the company from early days to exit this year. Thursday was on Product and Marketing – Matt Webb of Berg London talked about the new and upcoming wave of hardware startups and connected devices. Both days had around 100 mentors roaming Campus and connecting with the founders who had come from all over Europe.

Last Friday, we hosted a huge investor day with more than 150 angel and VC investors, the biggest Demo Day we’ve ever had in the history of Seedcamp. Friday was also the day we announced the new teams that are joining the Seedcamp Family – and we’ve announced more teams than ever before: 12 teams are moving into Campus and will work with us for the next months, joining our Seedcamp Academy program, our upcoming US trip, and of course benefiting from the long term support Seedcamp provides.

  • Ctrlio, London, UK – CTRLio helps consumers control and benefit from their personal data. We were excited by the experienced team and audacious promise of taking back control of our own data.
  • BorrowMyDoggy, London, UK – allowing dog owners to find engaged dog sitters and leaving pawprints of happiness in dog’s and people’s lives
  • GoPixel, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK – GoPixel helps brands supercharge online marketing with image-based campaigns on image networks like Pinterest and Fancy. A distributed team working on the fastest growing social platform.
  • Hype!, London, UK – Hype! is your favourite hang out area in real time. Hype! features what’s happening RIGHT now. Besides being extremely clued into the events scene, the founders have a massive vision for their “timeout for mobile”
  • Spreddit , London, UK – Spreddit enables online shoppers to pay in 3 monthly instalments for free. A diverse team with great industry insights.
  • Legal Tender, London, UK – Your legal consultant. Efficient tendering, data analytics and top law firms at the best price. Knowing the problem intimately, Nicholas built a service that is already being used by some of the biggest law firms in the UK. 
  • Revision App, London, UK – The Pearson Education of our Mobile-Age. Revision App is the UK’s leading mobile education provider. An incredibly driven team with some great traction under their belt. 
  • Saberr, London, UK – Predicting startup success using advanced algorithms. A funky idea, but great results – and a new take on the recruiting and team building market.
  • ShareLaTeX, London, UK – ShareLaTex is an online editor that helps academics work together on their research and publications. Two developers who understand the problem they’re solving – a Google docs for scientists.
  • Stamplay, London, UK – Stamplay brings marketing apps and data together to create, manage and evolve marketing technology ecosystems. Smart founders with a big vision, and in depth knowledge of the industry. 
  • Teddy The Guardian, Zagreb, Croatia – Teddy The Guardian is a plush teddy with embedded medical sensors that track how the child feels and share that with mommy. Our first hardware startup – and two impressive founders that don’t take no for an answer.
  • Winnow Solutions, London, UK – Improving efficiency in hospitality by reducing food waste. A huge industry, and their first installations are already profitable for their customers. 

In addition to the new teams, we also had four of our recent teams that joined us recently attending investor day, as they had not yet been part of a big Seedcamp week:

  • Countly, Istanbul, Turkey – this team with an open source app analytics platform joined us in May
  • FishBrain, Stockholm, Sweden (Mini Seedcamp Stockholm) – FishBrain helps anglers at all levels catch more and bigger fish and brag about it.
  • TruckTrack, Belgrade, Serbia (Mini Seedcamp Belgrade) – The first modern SaaS solution for trucking businesses, a huge, under served industry.
  • Unifyo, Cambridge, UK – helps customer facing employees to get 360 degree customer profiles inside any website while browsing.

This brings us to a total of 104 Seedcamp teams – a new record, and a number to be proud of.

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