New Twitter Name – seedcamp

It’s one of those things… sometimes you get so deep, it’s difficult to get yourself back out. But we’re doing it, we’re moving our twitter account from @Seedcamp_News to @seedcamp . So, sorry to the many of you who have to re-follow us, but hope you won’t mind too much. What I like is the story behind how we got the name back. So humor me will you!

A good samaritan who apparently had our @seedcamp name on twitter one day emailed us out of the blue and just handed over the name. He thought (rightly) we could do more with it than he could. In an age of ridiculous demands on prices for URLs, it’s reassuring to see some kind folks out there in the Internet mist. So, now we’re all well aligned between all our Flicr, Twitter, Blogger, Facebook, web identities. Feels good to have the house in order.

And all this time I thought I actually had the @seedcamp name and just didn’t know which email address I signed up on. I racked my brain for weeks trying to figure out what brain cell I was using when all this went wrong. I was encouraged and tempted to contact Biz Stone to see who in the world (oops, maybe me) had the name but gotta admit, I felt my request a bit small in the grand scheme of things and so waited and waited for divine inspiration.

Luckily, that kind person did get in touch with us. So thank you to him again! And pls do follow us on @seedcamp on good ole twitter.

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