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Located in the extreme west of continental Europe, Lisbon is surrounded by mountain and water with the whole city distributed on six small hills. Some call it the city of the oceans. It’s the only European capital with sunsets on the sea, close to sandy beaches and is one of Europe’s most ancient cities – Lisbon is second only to Athens. Beauty aside, there are some practical aspects that make Lisbon an ideal entrepreneurial hub:

Location: It’s the closest European capital to the United States and just around a 2-hour flight from all the other major European cities. Moreover, it’s interesting to note that the city is connected to Brazil by language, spain by proximity and it’s urban center has a long tradition of exploring and trading. Perfect for those startups with global ambitions.

Value: It’s one of Europe’s best values – officially Western Europe’s least expensive capital. At the same time opportunities in Lisbon are abound. The city produces 45% of Portugal’s GDP. This combination of value and opportunities is perfect for any bootstrapping entrepreneur.

Collaboration:  Our Event Partners are Beta-i and we have planned Seedcamp Lisbon taking place on the 14th November to coincide with Silicon Valley Comes to Lisbon. The Portuguese entrepreneurial hub certainly is growing strong. We are also fortunate to have SoftLayer and Yammer sponsoring the event. Harbour view of Lisbon – courtesy of flickr user McPig

Why should you apply? If you are a burgeoning tech startup, if you are ready to expand and develop your service or product, if you want to grow internationally, if you are looking for top international mentorship, whether in finance, marketing, biz dev or from VC, you are in the right place. The winners of the event will receive €50k investment for 8-10% equity. Will you be the next team to win the Seedcamp Investment, a year-long support, and receive the Founders’ Pack of offers from our Seedcamp Founders’ Sponsors? Do you have what it takes? There is only one way to find out and that is by submitting an application showing you are unique, have the right team to make substantial impact?

How can you get some of the action? This will be our first trip to Lisbon and we’re excited to see what the region has to offer. We are looking for innovative internet tech, software, media, and mobile focused businesses, great teams with awesome founders, and slick products that add real value. Take a look at our superstar teams to give you a better feel for the type of companies we like.

Deadline for applications is 9th October – we look forward to seeing what you are working on!

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