Our New Advisory Board and Investors

We continue to operate like a start-up – think like one, behave like one and want to stay like one but to do all this we need to be supported by visionary investors and advisors ourselves – so we would like to announce further fundraising into Seedcamp

  1. Raised an additional €2m – fund now 2x first one and represents best local investors in all key geographies, top founders, angels etc
  2. Advisory board – stars in key areas (policy, m&a, US etc) to push us, help us and support our long term goals

New Investors

Back in September 2010, we announced the closing of Seedcamp’s second fund.

Seedcamp is unique in the fact that we raise money to make investments over the course of 3 years and that we invest every month of each of the 3 years. Being this active means we can’t take 1 or 2 years to raise a fund and then invest that capital. We raise funds as quickly as we invest them.

In fact since September 2010 we’ve invested in 29 startups and we have also closed new investors into Seedcamp. Seedcamp’s fund is now at €5M and today we’d like to announce some of the newest investors.

Joining our existing investors:

  • 360 Capital Partners – they have offices in Paris and Milan and have been early backers of public companies like QXL, Ricardo and Yoox
  • Anthemis Group – specializing in disruptive financial services tech companies; backed hotshot Weatherbill and our own companies Hooplo and Finance A Car
  • Atlas Venture – based in Boston and the Valley they are active in US and Europe backing disruptors like Seatwave, Zoopla, and Priceminister
  • DN Capital – based in London and the Valley, they are investors in Shazam, Mister Spex and previously in Datanomic and OLX
  • Eden Ventures – based in London they are investors in companies like Huddle, borro,We7, and our own Ubervu, Zemanta, and Basekit
  • Index Ventures – based in London, Geneva, and the Valley they were investors in Playfish, Skype, mySQL, and now in our own EDITD and ERPLY plus the uber-useful Dropbox
  • NESTA – based in London with a mission to make the UK more innovative, they invest in businesses, work on policy, and run programmes throughout the year. They’ve invested in Skimlinks, Basekit, Light Blue Optics and others
  • Ahti Heinla – based in Estonia, he invests as an individual and through Ambient Sound Investments. Ahti was the lead technical architect at Skype
  • Charlotte Street Capital (Anton Wellenreiter, Bo Pedersen, Thomas Jones) – based in London, they invest as individuals and as newly as a group. Their experience spans entrepreneurship and private equity
  • Cinco Capital Gmbh – based in Hamburg, they invest across Europe, particularly in Germany. Lars is a founder of Xing.
  • Forsyth Group – executive search firm based in London they work with clients like Zecco, Colibria, EQO, and many others
  • James Bilefeld – based in London, he invests as an individual. James runs Digital at Conde Nast and is a successful entrepreneur
  • Notion Capital – based in London and NYC they are MessageLabs founders turned investors. They have backed companies like Tradeshift, Zattikka, and eSellerPro.
  • Principals in Point Nine Capital – based in Berlin, they are a group of successful entrepreneurs who have backed companies like Zendesk, babyboom, and SponsorPay
  • Sanjeev Shah – based in London, he invests as an individual
  • The Accelerator Group (TAG) – based in London, they invest in internet, ecommerce, and digial media companies like Songkick, Wonga, Mind Candy, and
  • Venrex – based in London, they invest particularly in the UK in the ecommerce sector and have backed companies like Astley Clarke,, Chilango, and lovely
  • NobleMacMillan

are our newest investors:

  • ACT Venture Capital Limited – based in Dublin, they invest primarily in Ireland and UK and have backed businesses like Alpha.Mosaic, Corvil, Qumas
  • Bertelsmann Digital Media Investments – based in Germany and NYC, they are a strategic venture investor and have backed companies like Mojiva, Trion, BuyVIP, Dealunited,
  • GIMV – they are Belgium’s leading private and venture investor and have backed companies like eBuzzing. Private Outlet, and previously in Live Person
  • Reed Elsevier Ventures – based in London they are the corporate VC arm of Reed Elsevier. They’ve backed companies like Babylon, Palantir, and GigaOm
  • Samos – based in London they invest across technology and non-technology sectors. They backed the awesome Ocado
  • Estag Capital – based in Germany they are seed and early stage investors who’ve backed companies like SponsorPay, Paper C. and iFix
  • HENQ – based in Amsterdam they have invested in companies like MADS, Mendix, Myngle, Seoshop, Videostrip
  • Anil Hansjee – based in London, he invests as an individual. Anil was previously at Google
  • John Pfeffer – based in London, he invests as an individual. John was previously at KKR

We are extremely excited to welcome our newest investors from all over EMEA and the US, especially because they believe in Seedcamp as a truly pan-EMEA program. They, alongside us, will mentor and support the already diverse mix represented by the investments Seedcamp has made in startups from 24 different countries.

We look forward to them playing as active a role in the evolution of Seedcamp as our current investors have.

Advisory Board

We would also like to announce several plans which enable us to strengthen our value proposition to entrepreneurs further. We have set up a world class Advisory Board for Seedcamp where recognized leaders across multiple disciplines will work closely with us over the next year on processes and plans to best support Seedcamp and EMEA’s best startups. They all share a passion for helping build EMEA’s best startups. We are looking forward to work with and learn from them. This is an initial list of our Advisory Board members for 2011-2012

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