Paua accelerates the adoption of Electric Vehicles through UK’s largest network of chargepoints

As we look increasingly to reduce our carbon footprint and find new, sustainable ways to live, we’ve been actively seeking companies building solutions that will shape the future we want to be part of. How we move around cities and transport decarbonisation is one of the priority areas, which is why we’re excited to lead pre-seed into Paua, a roaming network for electric vehicle (EV) charging for businesses.

Founded in 2020, Paua has established the UK’s largest independent EV roaming network for business, providing fleets with access to 9,000 chargepoints across the country, including market-leading UK and European players. 

Co-founders Niall Riddell and André Pinho have created Paua to enable more fleets to adopt electric vehicles, leading to significant societal benefits such as reduced carbon emissions and improved local air quality. 

Paua’s single interface for organisations and fleets to pay for EV charging, obtain receipts, and claim VAT refunds, streamlines fleet management. Drivers benefit from a mobile app with real-time chargepoint data and control, backed up with a smart charging card, while fleet managers gain access to all the data via a real-time dashboard and a single bill. 

“The reason for our success comes down to the fact that we provide a great value-add for our customers, as we make EV fleet admin simple”, said CEO and co-founder, ​Niall Riddell. “We provide a great way for the UK’s public chargepoint networks to connect with historically under-served business customers. We’re delighted to be welcoming our new investors, who believe in our vision to support business transition to electric motoring.” 

On our investment, Managing Partner Carlos Espinal, comments: “We are excited to lead Paua’s pre-seed round to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable transportation infrastructure for business fleets. Niall and André are exceptional entrepreneurs with significant experience in digital energy solutions. Becoming UK’s largest EV business roaming network is an important first milestone in leading the European transition to cleaner mobility.” 

Octopus Ventures, Speedinvest, and leading European Angels have joined the round. The funding will be deployed to grow the team and service a broader suite of businesses. 

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