[🎙️ Seedcamp Firsts] How to Lay the Foundation For Your Startup Brand

In the latest edition of Seedcamp Firsts, Joanna Christie, VP of Brand & Marketing at our portfolio company Gaia, shares her best insights on how to lay the foundation for your startup brand and think strategically about the brand as you scale up.

In conversation with our Head of Brand and Network, Natasha Lytton, Joanna emphasizes the essential role Brand plays in company building, from customer acquisition to retention.

Key takeaways:

1. Brand is the first building block for anything you do as a business, not just marketing

2. When done right, the brand plays an important role in customer acquisition and retention

3. Brand equity is built on consistency and it evolves

4. Ideally, you want a brand guardian in-house

5. Brand equals recognition equals trust

6. For B2B2C marketplaces, you don’t need different brands (e.g., supplier-focused vs. demand-focused). It is one brand, and you just have different audiences


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Show notes:

Joanna Christie linkedin.com/in/joanna-christie-60104b15/

Natasha Lytton – twitter.com/Natashalytton

Seedcamp – seedcamp.com

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