AI Governance and Compliance: Navigating the Future with Ryan Donnelly of Enzai


In a new episode of Startups in Focus, our Managing Partner Carlos Espinal is joined by Ryan Donnelly, co-founder and CEO of Enzai, an AI governance software platform that helps organisations understand and manage the risks that come with AI, while meeting their emerging regulatory obligations.

They discuss:

  • the impact of AI as a technological revolution similar to the mobile shift, dotcom boom, and web invention
  • the importance of regulations and standards in ensuring AI’s responsible use and trustworthiness
  • the challenges and opportunities in AI adoption
  • Enzai’s mission of enabling organizations to leverage AI technology effectively and responsibly, in compliance with emerging regulations
  • Enzai’s vision of enabling trust in AI
  • future regulatory landscapes and the necessary frameworks for AI adoption



Tune in for an insightful discussion on the future of AI governance and compliance.


Show Notes

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Enzai –

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Aboyr Enzai

Enzai provide an AI governance software platform that helps organisations understand and manage the risks that come with AI, while meeting their emerging regulatory obligations. Founded by leading lawyers and engineers in this space, the company is on a mission to ensure powerful AI technologies can reach their full potential. The Enzai platform helps organisations adopt policies, standards and controls around how they build, deploy and use AI. Further details can be found on the company website:

Reach out to Ryan and his team at 


Time stamps:

00:00 Introduction to the AI Technological Revolution

00:36 Meet Ryan Donnelly: Co-founder and CEO of Enzai

01:14 The Inspiration Behind Enzai

02:19 Understanding Enzai’s Customers

03:13 The Role of Regulations in AI

05:07 The Evolution of AI Regulations

10:26 The Importance of Standards in AI

14:20 Enzai’s Vision for the Future

15:49 Final Thoughts and Call to Action

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