Alex Kayyal, Europe Head at Salesforce Ventures, on the art & science of valuation

In this episode, Seedcamp Partner, Carlos, is joined by Alex Kayyal, Europe Head at Salesforce Ventures, investing in the next generation of enterprise technology.  Alex brings over a decade of experience across technology and finance, having been both an investor and entrepreneur. Prior to Salesforce, he helped establish a venture growth firm and also founded his own startup. Alex’s experience as a founder, investor and investment banker puts him in a unique position to understand the, often daunting, M&A process from both a company and investor perspective.

In this podcast, Alex and Carlos discuss the art and science of valuation, from a company and acquirer perspective, and the sell and buy process.

Tune in for top tips on how to avoid a ‘fire sale’ situation and learn more about Alex’s first-hand experience when it comes to scaling a business, seeking investment and how to internationalize.

Salesforce portfolio companies include:  Carto, CoolaData, Digital Genius, NewVoiceMedia, Onfido, Qubit, RedKix and Universal Avenue, among others. 

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