Andy Bromberg, Co-founder at CoinList, on how to navigate the complex maze of ICOs

Andy Bromberg’s is one of those stories made famous by the likes of Mark Zuckerberg in the movie Social Network. While enrolled at Stanford University, Andy and his colleagues started working on the Stanford Bitcoin Group, doing academic research and building side projects in the industry. However, his journey to the world of cryptocurrencies was not as straightforward as it may seem. In 2014, he dropped out of Stanford and co-founded Sidewire, a media company aiming to highlight discussions and debates of prominent opinion leaders. All the while, he closely followed the development of cryptocurrencies and in the summer of 2017 took a leap of faith and joined the management team of CoinList in order to bring transparency to initial coin offerings.

Talking with Seedcamp Managing Partner Carlos Espinal and Analyst Kyran Schmidt, Andy shares lessons learned from building companies in two vastly different industries and Andy dives into the differences in evaluating and structuring ICOs compared to traditional business models. “No investor is going to use a couple of million dollars worth of tokens”, says Bromberg referring to the need for further development in the structure of ICOs.

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