Attracting the Best People Faster than your Competition with True’s Duncan Finlayson

“[When hiring,] you’re asking someone you’ve just met to effectively babysit your child. That’s the sort of trust you need to have…you’re effectively giving them your baby to help it scale.” – Duncan Finlayson, Partner @ True

Hiring top-tier talent for your startup is arguably as important as developing a good product. A new hire is a big investment that affects a team’s productivity and a company’s culture. Startups can’t afford the cost of a bad hire so recruiting wisely is essential, albeit extremely difficult.

Duncan Finlayson, a partner at True, a global executive search firm with over 15 offices worldwide, spends his days helping fast-growing companies find top-tier talent. In this episode of This Much I Know, Duncan sits down with Seedcamp partner Carlos Espinal to discuss the best ways to work with recruiters and hire talent for scaling teams. His go-to advice? Hire people who are willing to put skin in the game. An eagerness for equity can be a very good sign.

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