BridgeU CEO Lucy Stonehill on driving innovation in Edtech and achieving international growth

Entrepreneur and former education consultant Lucy Stonehill experienced first-hand the pain points inherent in navigating the transition to higher education when she was an international student applying abroad herself. Confusing and opaque, the process has been largely pen-and-paper based for decades. Solving this pain point was the genesis of her company BridgeU, a tool which empowers schools to provide more intelligent, data-driven university and careers guidance than ever before.

In this live podcast, recorded to mark the fifth anniversary of Campus London, Lucy explains how BridgeU came about, and how it leverages data and innovation to better serve the education market. Seedcamp invested in BridgeU in 2014 and, speaking to partner Carlos Espinal, Lucy explains their journey from the company’s early days through to internationalisation and growth — culminating recently in a $5.3m Series A round. ‘Seed investors really feel fundamentally focused on the vision and potential,’ she says, ‘while Series A more about the numbers’ — yet those numbers piece only get the door open, she notes.

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