Building for the future of work with Moonfire’s Mattias Ljungman and Humaans’ Giovanni Luperti

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: the world of managing people and organising teams is brimming with changes. COVID-19 and new societal views on working in the 21st century (90% of Generation Z, for instance, want a human element when it comes to their job role and interactions with their coworkers) are changing workplaces of all types. Founders and investors are picking up on these trends and putting their money and time towards solving these issues. HR, a department which we remember looking like a sole office manager equipped with nothing but an Excel sheet and coupons for free drip coffee, has been booming with innovation. Giovanni Luperti, co-founder and CEO of Humaans, is one such innovator. Backed by Moonfire, Y Combinator, and a handful of operators including the CEOs of Figma, LinkedIn, Qubit and Evervault, Humaans is helping managers better onboard and manage their staff.

One of Humaans backers is Mattias Ljungman, the founder and Managing Partner at Moonfire. Previously the co-founder of Atomico and an investor in Klara and Supercell, Ljungman knows a thing or two (or three or four or..) about venture investing. When he met Giovanni, he got excited by his vision and backed Humaans as one of Moonfire’s first investments in its recently launched $60M seed fund.

In this episode of This Much I Know, our host Carlos Espinal sits down with Giovanni and Mattias to discuss building for and investing in the future of work: everything about growing an organisation to managing teams remotely and keeping team culture at the centre of it all.

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