Building Trust Online with Husayn Kassai of Onfido and Philipp Man of CHRONEXT

Online transactions occur behind a veil of digital anonymity. As a result it is not always possible to ensure a person is who they claim to be. For many startups the problem of trust is even more pronounced, with early stage companies lacking the credibility or reputation of established competitors. So how do you build trust online?

On that topic Seedcamp partner Carlos Espinal is joined by two entrepreneurs for whom trust lies at the very heart of their businesses: Philipp Man, founder and CEO of the luxury watch marketplace CHRONEXT, and Husayn Kassai, founder and CEO of Onfido, a software company providing the next generation of identity verification and background checks.

Selling assets worth thousands, CHRONEXT must ensure trust across their entire platform and supply chain. Philipp notes their ‘whole business model is built on guaranteeing trust and preventing potential fraud’ and discusses some of the authentication mechanisms they rely on – from identity checks and due diligence on suppliers to manual inspection checks by expert watchmakers.

Meanwhile Husayn explains how Onfido is essentially in the business of building trust and that the company was born out of the recognition that trust would be the ‘currency of the future’. He discusses Onfido’s early days, selling first to the on-demand sector and sharing economy, later to FinTech, and now online and retail banking.

Tune in to learn how to build credence for your early stage business from entrepreneurs who’ve been there before, and how to balance converting customers with minimising fraud.

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