Carmen Alfonso Rico on thesis-driven VCs, #CustomerLove and the immense value of brand and community

Can you translate the entrepreneurial concept of ownership in the VC landscape? How can you really spot passion in a founder? These are just a few of the questions that Carlos and Carmen Alfonso Rico cover in this week’s podcast, as they discuss the learnings from shifting from being a VC to a founder, and then back again to a VC. After graduating with the best grades in the country and being scouted by the former Spanish president of congress to help reform the healthcare and education system, Carmen started her career in the private sector at Morgan Stanley until her fortuitous encounter with Antoine Nussenbaum, partner at Felix Capital, changed the course of her career. Now the proud partner of Samaipata, a Franco-Spanish-Anglo pre-Series A VC focused on digital platforms, Carmen reminisces about her learning and passion for what she calls #CostumerLove, and unveils what she finds to be the most exciting sectors and companies right now in light of the current climate, such as the digitalisation of professional services and, yes, Hopin! Tune in to learn more about how to think beyond your comfort zone and be driven by founders’ passions as a VC, how data-driven founders are much more likely to have the upper hand and why you should never underestimate the immense value of brand and community.

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