Check Warner on her mission to provide access to opportunities to all with Ada Ventures

Why are people put off by the term impact and yet, at the same time, they want to promote the very things that the term encapsulates? How can we fix this dichotomy between the negative bias towards social impact against the very need that social impact drives for? These are some of the questions underlying this week’s podcast as Carlos discusses with Check Warner, co-founder of Ada Ventures, her journey toward creating a more diverse VC landscape and providing better access to opportunities to all.

Before launching Ada Ventures officially and announcing the first close in late 2019, Check started her VC career at Downing Ventures carrying along, as a competitive advantage, her work and knowledge from the advertainment industry where she cut her teeth and would support founders working on segmenting audiences, acquisition strategies, brand communication and product offering, perspectives not often offered by traditional VCs back in 2015. Her awareness of the lack of diversity in the VC landscape soon brought her to spearhead Diversity VC and saw her campaigning, for four years, for the disruption of traditional networking circles to allow for new and different people to access funds. She eventually founded Ada Ventures with Matt Penneycard, which focuses specifically on investing in overlooked founders and markets.

Tune in to our latest podcast to learn about the long term changes we need to put into motion to truly harvest diversity; what language to use when talking to impact investors, and the trends and audiences currently tackled by founders across the impact landscape.

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