Coatue Management Matt Mazzeo’s path into VC and his philosophy on being helpful

In 2012, super-angel investor Chris Sacca launched Lowercase Capital, a new fund focused on the intersection of media and technology. To ensure its success, he hired one of the best-networked business development executives in the LA area: Matt Mazzeo. Within just a few months, Matt proved his tremendous aptitude for venture investing. Over the next four years, Matt and the Lowercase team invested in Instagram, Twitter, Slack, Kickstarter, and Medium to name just a few.

Today, Matt is a Partner at Coatue Management, where he heads up the firm’s venture arm. By continuously learning, following your interests, and giving more than you get, Matt has differentiated himself as one of the top VCs in the industry.

Tune into this week’s thought-provoking podcast where Carlos and Matt discuss Matt’s path into VC and his approach to advancing the startup ecosystem. You’ll also discover whether Matt is a huge gamer or not (spoiler: he is).

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