Convelio’s Edouard Gouin on Innovating at the Intersection of Arts, Tech, and Logistics

The latest Seedcamp Deep Dive focuses on the intersection of art, logistics, and technology. Carlos’s guest is Edouard Gouin, co-founder and CEO of Convelio, a tech-led global logistics startup specialised in fine art shipping.


They discuss:

  • the journey and challenges of building Convelio – from establishing trust with customers and sourcing and training local partners to navigating and overcoming the impact of the COVID pandemic, and even geopolitical conflicts;
  • Convelio’s position in and interactions with key players within the art ecosystem, and its innovative value proposition;
  • the critical elements of customer service;
  • the importance of forming cultural alignments in business partnerships;
  • the integration challenges after acquiring a ‘brick and mortar type’ logistics company;
  • Edouard’s appreciation for art and his regret of missing out on promising investment opportunities in the early stages of his favourite artists’ careers.




Show notes:

Convelio is recruiting for multiple roles. Check out openings here


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