Daniel Korski, co-founder and CEO of PUBLIC, on the bright future of Govtech

Carlos is joined this week in the studio by Daniel Korski, co-founder and CEO of PUBLIC, a London-based VC fund that invests in tech startups transforming the way public services are run and delivered. Daniel is also the Chairman of the GovTech Summit, the largest global event for the Govtech sector hosted annually with French President Emmanuel Macron, and has 20 years of experience in senior positions in government across the UK, EU, and US. Most recently, Daniel served as the Deputy Head of Policy at No. 10 Downing Street and Special Advisor to David Cameron. He has also been an advisor to the Vice-President of the European Commission and has previously worked for the UN and Foreign Office in Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan and Yemen.

Tune in to hear Daniel sharing his unique story – from embarking on a career in diplomacy, politics and journalism before using his expertise to back Govtech startups tackling largely traditional and undisrupted sectors the UK economy still largely depend on. Daniel also delves into the shaping of the UK government’s ‘digital revolution’ and how it thinks about delivering its services, to how governments are thinking about the role of entrepreneurship and the broader startup ecosystem on the national economy.

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