Dessi Bell, Founder at Zaggora, on turning hotpants into a multi-million dollar retail brand

From £25,000 of private savings, and over the course of a year-and-a-half, Zaggora was able to become a multi-million dollar sportswear company selling activewear to women. How did its founders navigate the journey of launching a clothing product in a market where consumers are often fickle and shifting fashion cycles reign?

On that topic, Seedcamp partner Carlos Espinal is joined by Zaggora co-founder, Dessi Bell, who before launching the brand with her husband Malcolm in 2011 worked as an investment banker at JPMorgan for five years. Prior to that, she cut her teeth and developed a taste for retail in her early 20s working at Ministry of Sound where she developed a fashion brand.

Dessi sheds light on the mysterious world of influencer market and discusses how it can be deployed to establish brand presence suggesting, ‘when it really works is when there’s an interesting partnership that goes beyond just a picture on Instagram. Meaningful brand partnerships that can be syndicated in press and other advertising will be a much more valuable resource.’

Pointing towards Zaggora’s own early experiences leveraging the viral potential of Facebook groups, she emphasises how building an affirmative and inclusive brand was crucial for their success, with the company finding an identity in empowering women and letting them achieve their best.

Learn more about shifting cycles in retail technology, dealing with inventory & supply chains, and iterating quickly in the product development cycle.

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