Hiring, Motivating & Transitioning High Performing Talent, with The Garden’s Sophie Adelman and Metaview’s Siadhal Magos

In the newest Seedcamp Deep Dive, Sophie Adelman, co-founder of Multiverse and The Garden, and Siadhal Magos, co-founder of our portfolio company Metaview, join Carlos and our Talent Manager Alex Lewis to discuss all things talent in early-stage startups – from hiring to motivating and transitioning during market downturns.

Tune in to learn best practices for interviewing and selecting candidates, why and when expertise is needed in startups, and why compassion is essential when letting employees go.

Show notes:

Sophie Adelman – twitter.com/Adelbadge

Siadhal Magos – twitter.com/smagos

Carlos Espinal – twitter.com/cee

Alex Lewis – twitter.com/AlexLewisTalent


The Garden – onegarden.com

Metaview – metaview.ai

Seedcamp – seedcamp.com


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