How businesses can win public-sector contracts with Stotles

14% of the global GDP goes from government to businesses every year. But how does the public procurement office run this global economy and how can companies trying to sell to government navigate its inner-workings? The rather opaque admin of the process is exactly what drove three university students to decide to build Stotles, specifically addressing the murky waters of government contracting and a proud Seedcamp-backed company

Stotles’s founding team, CEO John Witt, COO Taj Kamranpour and CPO Carsten Schaltz, join Carlos in this week’s podcast to discuss how their work aims at bringing more large, medium and small business into the fold and increase competition to benefit everybody in the market: suppliers, government buyers and taxpayers. A rather appealing mission when a 1% increase in efficiency can turn into a £20bn saving for taxpayers.

Tune in as the Stotles team reveal how they are democratising government procurement by providing data that empowers companies to be active on biddings, rather than reactive and how they can help companies to close contracts and build credibility in the private sector, as they ultimately strive to get companies and government to work better together.

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