How to Navigate the ‘Financial Jungle’, with Max Rofagha and Carl Hazeley, Finimize

What makes up the economy and how does it affect individuals, startups and businesses alike? With ongoing talk and speculation as to whether we’re heading towards another global recession, Carlos is joined this week by Max Rofagha, Co-Founder and CEO of Finimize – providers of jargon-free financial news, information and a community to empower users to make better informed financial decisions – and their VP of content, Carl Hazeley.

Along with information regarding the macrostate of play in today’s economy and telltale signs that are often indicators of an imminent downturn, Max also shares his personal journey to creating Finimize in a bid to help people like himself, millennials with some savings but no clue what to do with them, to navigate the ‘financial jungle’.

Tune in as Max and Carl discuss sectors that currently make for an attractive investment opportunity, the benefits – or lack thereof – of Robo-advisors and their mission to do for financial wellbeing the same thing Nike has created for physical wellbeing.

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