Introducing Precious on Community: What does community mean?

Humans are innately community-seeking. It’s why we section off into groups on playgrounds, congregate around political leaders, and build families, biological or otherwise. Communities add value, and membership goes far beyond group identity; it even drives purchasing decisions. From clothing and bottled water to open-source software, community is a powerful tool for company building, and one that no founder should underestimate.

“No two communities are the same,” Seedcamp’s community manager Precious Oyelade tells us. “Yet there are repeatable steps and actions you can do to make one work.” And this is what Seedcamp’s newest series, “Precious on Community” seeks to dive into. Over the few episodes, Precious will be interviewing community builders from all walks of life to share findings and document key learnings about how to build an effective community.

Welcome to Precious on Community.

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