Investing in AI, Carlos Espinal speaking at the AIBE Summit 2017

Seedcamp partner Carlos Espinal gave a talk at the AIBE Summit 2017 on venture capital investment in Artificial Intelligence. With one of the largest AI portfolios held by an early-stage investor in Europe, including companies like ThirdEye, Reinfer and, Carlos discusses the areas in which Seedcamp has invested to date and why, as well as wider funding trends.

Carlos recalls the history of previous ‘AI Winters’, in which valuations dry up and scepticism abounds, and explains why right now it’s a great time to be an entrepreneur working with artificial intelligence. He argues that AI, like mobile in 2007, is no longer a standalone category but a technological enabler, unlocking value in healthcare, security and other sectors.

The slides to his talk can be found here: Read more from Carlos on the topic of artificial intelligence and its potential to become ‘the new mobile’ here:

More on the AIBE Summit: The AIBE Summit is a conference on artificial intelligence in business & entrepreneurship. Their mission is to increase public understanding and intellectual discussion on the implications of AI for the business world, to raise the technological literacy of students, entrepreneurs, and professionals alike, and to recognise London as one of the world’s major digital capitals for the future of AI.

It is an initiative pioneered by the LSE Entrepreneurs Society, driven to celebrate the newly formed Partnership on AI between Google, Facebook, Amazon, IBM, and Microsoft.

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