Justas Pikelis, co-founder, Monetha, on bringing trust to global commerce through tokenisation

In our last podcast, we had a fantastic discussion with Andy Bromberg from CoinList on the trends and problems of ICOs from the viewpoint of an industry-leading token offerings platform. In this episode, we go more in-depth and learn even more by exemplifying one of the most successful token fundraising events in near history. Coming out of Lithuania is the remarkable success story of Justas Pikelis, the 27-year-old co-founder of Monetha. Monetha aims to tokenize trust and create a decentralised reputation system for global commerce. “Explained in simple terms, we want to reward good and penalise bad online behaviour through a token incentive system.” In August of 2017, the company raised more than $37 million in under 18 minutes with its initial coin offering.

Arguably timing their ICO at the peak of the token financing boom, Justas sheds light on his thinking and methodology prior to the round. Furthermore, he touches upon the decreasing location barriers for raising capital outside of Silicon Valley and Europe and shares tips on how to recognise ICOs with strong growth potential and what to look out for when going through the journey.


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