Karel Obluk of Evolution Equity Partners, on Cybersecurity Risks and Opportunities, Growth Investments and International Expansion

In this episode, Carlos Espinal is joined by Karel Obluk, a cybersecurity expert, former CTO and interim CEO at AVG Technologies (a cybersecurity software company listed on the New York Stock Exchange and ultimately acquired by Avast Software) and now a Partner at Evolution Equity Partners.

They kick off the conversation with Karel’s early career in tech, his leadership roles at the cybersecurity firm AVG and the history of the cybersecurity industry. They then discuss the risks and opportunities in the cybersecurity space, his firm’s investment strategy, and what it takes for high-growth companies to expand internationally.


Show notes:

Karel Obluk – twitter.com/karelobluk

Carlos Espinal – twitter.com/cee

Evolution Equity Partners – evolutionequity.com

Seedcamp – seedcamp.com

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