Legal Hour – The 6 make or break legal issues to consider when starting a company

On this third episode of the Seedcamp Legal Hour, Tom and Carlos are joined by Anthony Rose, Co-founder and CEO of SeedLegals, the world’s first legal automation platform for startup funding and a proud Seedcamp portfolio company. Besides being a serial entrepreneur, Anthony’s career has also seen him take on huge feats such as managing the launch of BBC iPlayer, for which Wired UK named him “the man who saved the BBC”.

With one in 12 of all early-stage investments in the UK going through the SeedLegals platform, the company now holds key insights on what is market standard when it comes to legal terms. One of the mistakes Anthony has noticed throughout the years includes founders requesting bespoke contracts. He comments, for an investor, it’s like going on a holiday and having a rental car. So you get out of the airport and you jump into the rental car and if Saab or somebody has moved all of the controls into a different place […] it’s a nightmare.”

Tune in to learn the six critical things to get sorted legally when you’re just starting a company and how data can empower founders to make better legal decisions.

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