Legal Hour with Tom & Carlos – what to be aware of when signing ‘standard terms’

Tom and Carlos are back with another episode of the Legal Hour podcast where they’ll walk you through the standard terms for term sheets, advisory agreements, and founder collaboration agreements and why founders shouldn’t blindly just use templates available without proper diligence.

The term ‘standard documents’ came along not only from wanting to absorb the lessons learned, but also to introduce some level of simplicity in rather complex legal agreements. However, what is defined as ‘standard’ changes depending on various external variables that alongside others include how competitive the market is currently. So, if the standard terms aren’t static, but rather continuously shifting, what should founders look out for before placing their signature on any of them?

Tune in to hear from Tom and Carlos as they’ll walk you through the most important elements that aren’t typical and should be adjusted to a specific company’s needs.

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