Manoj Ramachandran & Pascal Zuta on transforming healthcare with AI

From virtual assistants to risk analytics, and drug discovery to imaging and diagnostics, artificial intelligence’s scope for transforming the healthcare industry is significant. But just how will the use of AI and Machine Learning techniques reshape how medicine is practised today?

Healthcare dominates other industrial applications of AI in terms of money invested and number of deals, with $1.8B having been raised across 270 deals in startups within the space since 2012 according to data from CB Insights. Regulatory attention has followed this cash torrent: just recently it was announced that the Google-acquired startup DeepMind’s data-sharing partnership with the NHS was under investigation.

To discuss AI’s use within healthcare, Carlos Espinal is joined by two Seedcamp-backed founders: Manoj Ramachandran, co-founder of, a startup working on deep learning algorithms to revolutionise imaging diagnostics; and Pascal Zuta, from the US-based GYANT, a digital health assistant and symptom checker.

Pascal discusses how using AI can help treat high frequency conditions, taking load off the system and letting medical professionals concentrate on more difficult and meaningful tasks. Meanwhile Manoj argues that the most difficult thing is ‘integrating it within a clinical workflow so that it augments the practice of a healthcare physician’.

Tune in to hear whether these founders believe an algorithm or robot can ever truly replace human interaction within the healthcare sector.

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