Marin Jankovski, GitLab’s first engineering hire, on how to build and scale distributed teams

Recorded live at our Seedcamp People Summit, Marin Jankovski recalls the beginnings of GitLab and how the company grew to become one of the largest distributed workforce, with 67 locations around the world and not a single office space for their 1200 people.

In the session, featuring an inspiring introduction by Ben Gateley CEO and cofounder of our portfolio company CharlieHR, Marin explains the two most crucial pillars their team depends on when working remotely: communicating async – “it’s inclusive and it allows people on different times to contribute and not be left out”; and to always be able to individualise the single source of truth.

Tune in for practical insight on how to build an efficient remote team, how to convince investors to follow in this mission, and how to include people in important decision-making processes.

If the above player doesn’t work for you, you can also listen directly from our Soundcloud page.

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