Marketing guru Katy Turner on company DNA and creating brands with purpose

With large corporates and startups alike increasingly seeking to project authenticity in their marketing, how can founders and marketing officers ensure their company’s purpose and vision is expressed distinctively? On that topic, join Seedcamp partner, Carlos Espinal, and marketing guru Katy Turner, Managing Partner at Multiple, as they discuss how creating a brand with a compelling story and a strong ‘why’ are the ones that win in the long-run.

Katy began her career in publishing before jumping into technology in search of the future. Katy joined Orange launching products across their international footprint. From there she went to VC Eden Ventures to get under the skin of startups. Following adventures in venture, she took up the VP of Marketing role at Videoplaza, helping to scale it to its acquisition by a major US player. As Chief Marketing Officer at Tech City UK she headed up brand, communications, PR and product marketing before becoming a founder herself with the launch of Multiple, a strategic consultancy which helps high potential technology businesses scale through purpose, people and platforms.

Speaking to Carlos, Katy relays what she calls the ‘universal lesson of branding’: that understanding why you exist as a business and get out of bed in the morning is ‘everything’ – with Google/Alphabet (organising the world’s information) and Nike (inspiring and innovating for athletes) two examples of companies that have really codified the purpose at their core.

Learn why it’s often important for companies to take a step back from the day-to-day and ‘philosophise’, the attention that should be paid to culture and values, and the key lessons in scaling.

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