Marketing guru Scott Brown on economies of content and nailing marketing fundamentals

Scott Brown is a veritable marketing guru, with decades of experience as an executive in Silicon Valley working with some of the world’s largest tech companies including the likes of Facebook, Cisco and Google during their hyper-growth phases. Speaking to partner Carlos Espinal, Scott — who worked closely alongside dozens of Seedcamp companies on scaling their marketing, and go-to-market strategies during his time as Expert in Residence — discusses how companies can nail the marketing fundamentals through his three laws: going back to the roots, building out a customer infrastructure, and documenting & experimenting.

“Consumers have so many options and channels these days that you need to hit them where they live,” Scott argues. The answer to this lies in what he calls ‘economies of content’: “content is relatively expensive to create, yet distribution is becoming cheaper; so it becomes a marketing principle of how do you reduce, recycle and re-use that content across as many channels as you can.” But pointing towards the evolution of the practice of marketing and skill sets involved, Scott cautions that because founders and marketers are so ‘focused on what’s coming next, they can lose sight of marketing fundamentals’.

Listen in for tangible steps and advice you can apply to your own business.

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