Matt Lerner, founder & CEO of Startup Core Strengths, on the importance of growth marketing

Hiring a head of growth and paying for Facebook ads isn’t enough to scale growth. Growth is a mindset that needs to filter from the top down.

On this week’s episode of This Much I Know, Matt Lerner, founder and CEO of Startup Core Strengths, joins Carlos in the studio. Prior to founding Startup Core Strengths, Matt was the London-based partner for 500 Startups, where he initiated the ‘Distro Dojo’ seed-stage growth program for the funds’ portfolio companies. Matt also had an 11-year run at PayPal where he lived through the company’s 15x hyper growth phase from progressive startup to Finch giant, culminating in him leading b2b marketing for PayPal UK.

Join Carlos and Matt as they delve into the nitty gritty of why growth marketing has a negative legacy when contrasted with growth hacking for product teams, why overthinking metrics is a dangerous game to play for early stage founders and whether Eric Ries’s lean methodology of ‘build, measure, learn’ is in fact a relevant playbook for marketing teams. Matt also details the reasons behind founders mistakenly assuming they have product market fit, the key proxy metrics that pre-revenue startups should use to determine what areas to focus on and why the determinant of growth success is based on the five core pillars of – Message, Metrics Focus, Process and Team.

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