Mike Butcher, TechCrunch Editor at Large, on batting for the entrepreneur in European journalism

The attitude of the British mainstream press when covering technology companies is often one of ‘risk and scepticism’, says TechCrunch Editor at Large Mike Butcher. But what if instead of predicting failure or projecting concern journalists took a more positive view of technology entrepreneurship?

Speaking to Seedcamp partner Carlos Espinal, Mike explains how TechCrunch’s policy is to ‘bat for the entrepreneur’, supporting and advocating for their success. He describes the process of taking this Silicon Valley-style approach to tech writing and injecting it into European journalism, including his early days as the ‘Arthur Dent of the tech writing world’ when such writing was almost exclusively focused on US companies.

Mike is Editor at Large of TechCrunch, the biggest breaking news site about the world’s hottest tech companies. He founded the The Europas Conference & Awards, the charity Techfugees and has been an advisor on startups to the British Prime Minister and the Mayor of London. He is also a co-founder at TechHub.

Tune in to hear more about how founders can best narrate and tell their story, the evolution of tech journalism in Europe, and some of the next big problems founders should concentrate their energies on.

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